Thursday, July 24, 2008

Carrot Roti

I was inspired to make this roti for my 34 month old son from Sireesha. I grated the carrot and added it to the dough. I did not add any spices. Instead, I added some left over dal that I had while kneading the dough. I am not much of a roti maker, so was happy to see that the rotis fluffed. My son likes to put butter on his rotis and roll them to eat, so thats what I did..... And my son who is a carrot hater, happily ate the rotis.


  1. I demand you post his pics while he east the goodies...

  2. Its good to know that ur son liked carrot roti.Roti looks good.....

  3. Thanks Sanhita for stopping my blog and adding me to your blogroll:) I will reciprocate ;)

    Carrot roti looks yummy, good way to make kids eat carrot!

  4. Rotis look good. The things we mothers do to get our kids to eat!
    Dal does make for soft rotis.
    Thanks for coming by my blog.

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your profile picture. Your son is adorable! He's almost three now, huh? What a neat idea to add carrots & dal to the dough - gotta try that with my daughter too! She's one fussy eater

  6. hey sanhita,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Very nice to know you have a magnet collection too....just take a pic and send it rgt away...also post abt it on ur blog....u have a nice blog here...carrot roti indeed looks fantastic!