Friday, July 11, 2008

Baingan Bharta (Brinjal)

This is a simple baingan bharta recipe. I learnt it from my mom. Except for the brinjal roasting part, everything is very easy. The bhartas I have eaten are normally full of masalas. This does not need too much oil or spices. Ingredients:
Brinjal 1 big
Onion 1
Tomato 1
Turmeric powder
Chilly powder
Coriander leaves for garnishing
1. Wash the brinjal and pat it dry. Rub a bit of oil on the whole thing.
2. Keep it on a grill on the gas top and turn it around to roast it.
3. When it is completely roasted, the skin of the brinjal will start to peel and the rest of the vegetable will look cooked.
4. Let it cool, then peel it.
5. Remove the seeds if necessary as many people don't like them. Mash it nicely.
6. In hot oil, fry the onions, and then add the tomato.
7. Next, add the salt, turmeric powder and red chilly powder and fry well. Sprinkle water if needed.
8. Add the brinjal and mix well. Let it cook for some time.
9. Add coriander leaves to garnish.

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