Friday, June 27, 2008

Torai (Ridge Gourd)

I just love this vegetable. When I cooked it last night, I thought it was not good. When we ate it, it was good. My husband loved it and urged me to post it here. This can be cooked with gravy or can be had dry. If more gravy is needed, more water has to be added while cooking covered.
Ridge Gourd 2 Big
Potatoes 2 medium
Onion 1 big
Tomato 1 big
Garlic 5-6 pods
Corriander powder
Cumin powder
Turmeric powder
Chilly powder
1. Peel and dice the ridge gourd and the potatoes. Chop the onion and garlic and slice the tomato.
2. Make a paste of the corriander, cumin, red chilly and turmeric powders with a bit of water.
3. In hot oil, first fry the garlic.
4. Then add the onion and fry for some time.
5. Add the potatoes and fry for some more time.
6. Add the paste and salt. Fry this by sprinkling water, till the smell of onion dissapears and the spices smell good.
7. Then add the ridge gourd and mix well.8. Put the tomato slices, cover it and cook on a medium flame. The vegebables will be cooked with the juice of the tomato. Add water if


  1. hi sanhitha,thats a nice one.thanks for sharing.

  2. hi sanhita you too have a nice blog dear

  3. interesting one! have not tried ridge gourd yet ... ur recipe looks simple and quick to make :)

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  4. Hi, thanks you for your wonderful comments everyone.