Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chicken Kofta Curry

I have always eaten mutton kofta curry, fish kofta curry and vegetable kofta curry, but never have I tasted chicken kofta curry. I wanted to try it out since I could not think of anything else to make. It was not bad. I added cinnamon to it, and it had a wonderful cinnamon flavour. It was very nice. And by the way, I would love to wish everyone a Happy Friendship Day. First, in a bowl, I mixed the following ingredients. It should be dry.
Ground Chicken (Chicken Kheema)
Chopped Onion: half
Chopped Garlic: 2-3 flakes
Curry powder: a pinch
Besan (Bengal gram flour)
Then I made balls out of these, and shallow fried them.
There was some oil left in the pan, so in the same oil, I first added CUMIN SEEDS. When they started spluttering, I added small CINNAMON sticks. Then I added chopped ONION and chopped TOMATOES.
I fried this for a bit, then added GINGER GARLIC PASTE and fried it for two more minutes. Then I added SALT, CUMIN POWDER, CORIANDER POWDER and TURMERIC POWDER. I fried this, sprinkling water at times. When this looked cooked, and the oil had left it, I added water. When the water started to boil, I added the fried balls and covered it and cooked on a medium flame. The balls soaked some water. and the water level reduced. In the end there was a lovely aroma of cinnamon.


  1. happy friendship day...first time hearing chicken kofta....its pretty gud...loved hte colour and tempting pic.

  2. I am veggie, but I still love the color looks delicious ......

  3. Thanks for your comments Suma and Sireesha. I never heard of chicken kofta either. Just experimented.

  4. chicken koftas are something new to try. thanks for the recipe