Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Khichidi with Labra

Last night my mom came home. We all suddenly had the urge to eat khichidi. With khichidi we normally eat an omlette or fish fry. Yesterday, since I was making khichidi, I thought of making Labra as well.
Labra is a mixed vegetable usually eaten with khichdi by Bengalis during Durga Puja bhog. We go to the Pandals set up for the Puja and relish the Labra Khichidi combo.The recipe for Labra I got from my mashi (my mom's sister). I think she is a wonderful cook, and this is her recipe. The Labra should be made with slightly more oil than normal, and the preferred oil is mustard oil,though any oil can be used. 
The Khichidi is more tasty if it is of a watery consistency. 

Ingredients for the Khichidi:
Roasted Moong Dal: 1 cup
Rice: 1 cup
Cauliflower: around 100gms
Carrot: around 100gms
Potatoes: around 100gms
Green Peas: 1/2cup
Cumin seeds: 1/2tbsp
Bay Leaves: 2-3
Green Chilli: 2-3
Ginger grated: 1tbsp
Turmeric Powder: 1 tsp
Sugar: a pinch
Salt: as per taste
Ghee/Oil: as required

1) Dry roast the moong dal and wash. Roast the dal till you get the wonderful aroma of the dal. Make sure that the dal does not burn.
2) Wash the rice and the dal and drain.
3) The vegetables need to be cut in big pieces so that they don't melt while cooking.
4) In a bit of ghee or oil, slightly fry all the vegetables and keep aside.
5) In a deep dish, heat ghee or oil. Add the cumin seeds.
6) When they begin to splutter, add the bay leaves, grated ginger and 
 green chilli.
7) Fry for some time, then add the dal and the rice.
8) Add enough water to cover the dal and rice.
9) When it looks creamy, add the vegetables, turmeric powder, salt and sugar.
10) Cover and cook. Keep checking, stirring and adding water when required. 
11) The more water you add,the bigger the grains will become.
12) Once the dal has melted, and the rice looks as cooked as possible, the khichidi is done.
13) Serve hot with a little extra ghee for added taste, or wait for the Labra.

Ingredients for the Labra:
Pumpkin: around 100gms
Cabbage: around 100gms
Raddish: around 100gms
Potato: around 100gms
Raw banana: around 100gms
Cauliflower leaves: around 50gms
Sprouts: 1/2 cup
Paanch Phoron: 1tbsp (Fenugreek seeds, Nigella seeds, Mustard seeds, Fennal seeds and cumin seeds)
Ginger grated: 1tbsp
Red chilli: 3-4
Green chilli: 2-3
Bay Leaves: 2-3
Turmeric powder: 1tsp
Cumin seeds: 1tbsp
Coriander seeds: 1/2tsp
Salt: as per taste
Sugar: 1tsp
Oil: as required

1) Wash and cut all the vegetables into big oblong pieces.
2) In a little bit of oil, fry all the vegetables, except the cabbage and sprouts. Keep aside.
3) Dry roast the cumin seeds and the coriander seeds till it does not have the raw smell. Grind to a fine powder and keep aside.
4) In hot oil, add the red chilli, bay leaves and paanch phoron.
5) When they start spluttering, add all the vegetables, except the cabbage. The cabbage is added later as it becomes squishy very fast.
6) Mix well and then add the green chilli, grated ginger, salt, sugar and turmeric powder. 
7) Mix and fry well for sometime, sprinkling a bit of water if and when required.
8) Add enough water to cover the vegetables, and cover and cook.
9) When the vegetables are nearly cooked, added the cabbage and cook.
10) When all the vegetables have nearly melted and are squishy, add the cumin-coriander powder, mix, and remove from the flame.
Serve hot with the khichdi.


  1. OMG!!!! That's what you guys did for lunch???? Where was all this when I came home...I want Labra and moorighonto....please make and post Ma's moorighonot next didi.

  2. Khichdi looks so great, I love this type, a little soft with a little cube of butte/ ghee

  3. I need to make labra .. looks sooo delicious

  4. Hey Sudeshna, even I love it most with a bit of ghee.
    Deesha, thanks for visiting my blog. Will visit yours soon.

  5. ohh such a healthy platter...makes me drool..

  6. Wow mouth watering. Labra is something new to me.

  7. Must have labra...must have labra...must have labra

  8. Khichuri and labra is an absolute favourite. Good to see you posting again Sanhita! :-) Amar o khichurir songe dim bhaja bhalo lage. :-)