Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sabudana Khichidi

Happy New Year!!I am back after a very long time. This time I will make sure there are more posts on my blog than before. I will start with Sabudana(tapioca) Khichidi. I am not very fond of sabudana, but most of my family members love it. This was the first time I made it.
Sabudana: 1 cupPotatoes (90% boiled): 1 medium
Roasted peanuts (without the skin) 1/4 cup
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Cumin seeds: 1 tsp
Green chillies 2
Curry leaves: 1 sprig
Sugar: 1 tsp
Coconut (grated): 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp (1/2 lemon)
Oil: 2 tbsp
Salt: as per taste
Corriander Leaves for garnidhing
1) Wash one cup of sabudana in water. Soak sabudana in water for 30 to 45 mins and then drain the water and spread it on a plate to dry for around 8 hours.
2) Grind the roasted peanuts into small peices. The powder should not be too fine.
3) Cut the boiled potatoes into small cubes.
4) Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, when it starts popping, add the cumin seeds, green chillies and curry leaves.
5) Add the potatoes, salt, sugar and fry well.
6) Add the sabudana, mix well, cover the it and cook on low flame for approximately 5 mins.
7) Now add the peanut powder and the coconut. Cook for 1min.
8) Squeeze the lemon and sprinkle corriander leaves(optional)
IMPORTANT: Do not sprinkle water at any given time.


  1. Happy New Year! Glad to see you back! aage onek chesta korlam to leave a message for u . nothing worked!
    I love this dish, kintu nije kono din korina. My friend's thakum awould make this, & i would just crave for it.